Life Eaters

    Prepare To Be Eaten!

    December 9, 2014

    Today is the day! Life Eaters have released their eponymous debut to the world, and the world shall be forever changed.  Featuring former members of Rye Coalition, The Black Hollies, ¡No Pasaran!, and Merel, Life Eaters know how to rock and execute with blissful precision. …

    Crime Waves

    Cicada Radio annouce new record and hit the road

    October 28, 2014

    Cicada Radio are gearing up to unleash some new tunes on you all very soon.  The new record is called Crime Waves and will be coming to a CD player/digital retailer/concert venue near you soon.  And yes, we do mean near you as the band is also heading out on the road.  They’ll be making their way down the east coast this week to play at The Fest in Gainesville, FL with a few stops along the way.  In the meantime you can stream the opening track “Carcosa” over on our Bandcamp page. …

    Overlake Tour

    Overlake back on the road, opening for Mike Watt

    October 7, 2014

    Well folks, unfortunatley Summer Ends, but that’s nothing to be down about.  Overlake are back on the road, this time serenading the west coast coast with their dreamy soundscapes and twinkly lights.  After kicking things off in Bayonne, NJ, they headed out to Seatlle, and are making their way down the coast.  They’ll be in San Francisco tonight at the Hotel Utah Saloon, and continuing down to Los Angeles tomorrw.  See all tour dates here, or head over to Overlake‘s Facebook Page for more information. …

    Désir Decir - Mechanics

    Désir Decir debut with “Mechanics”

    June 24, 2014

    So we’ve been making a little bit of chatter here and there, and word is starting to get out, but let’s just go ahead and make it official… Désir Decir have joined the Killing Horse family and are hitting the ground running with the imminent release of their debut CD, Mechanics.  Right now you can pre-order the CD in our shop and get an instant download of the 5 songs contained within, or go and stream it over on our Bandcamp page.  Although the official release (for all you iTunes/Amazon/Spotify/etc… using people) will be 7/8/14, Désir Decir will be celebrating next Thursday, 7/3/14, at Lot 13 in Bayonne.  What better way to start the holiday weekend off than in a classic American city, at a classic American bar, drinking classic American beers and listening to some classic brand new rock ‘n’ roll!  We’ll see you there. …

    KHR 2014 Sampler

    Killing Horse Records 2014 Sampler

    June 24, 2014

    Going for the double down post tonight! (If you’re good I might even post again tomorrow).  This is a little delayed, but in conjunction with our 4 Year Celebration back in April we put out a sampler of tracks from our active lineup, featuring some recent, upcoming, and unreleased material.  Until now, it had only been available at the show, to some close friends, and streaming on our Bandcamp page. …